Personal IT support

Offering 1:1 support to individuals. Working with individuals is no different to working for corporations or small businesses. It is about understanding the need, capability and budget. Then, coming up with solutions and tailored support that exceed expectations by empowering the individual. Sometimes this can mean enabling people to do things themselves, or for those with other objectives and priorites, taking the IT burden away from them.

Previous Assignments by JCIT

Simple websites built and hosted. From design and build to content and hosting, we do it all – or maybe you want to be more involved with content or even design. Either way, it is about getting it right for the customer and keeping costs sensible. You will be surprised at how cheaply simple sites can be built and hosted. Contact us for a chat.

PC, laptop and home network support.

Customised training and advice on many aspects of IT from backing up to using email and applications such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook and other Microsoft office products.

Or simply advice and guidance